Mike Schaack and his physical therapy team are fantastic! I have been treated in his office several times for sport injuries over the last five years, and I can honestly say they have helped me overcome my injuries with skill and knowledge as well as professionalism, care and concern. I will definitely continue to trust my care to Mike Schaack and his team. - Mary C.

I am so grateful for the care I have received at Schaack Physical Therapy. Whenever I have needed physical therapy, beginning in 2008, I have found Mike and his staff to be very professional, knowledgeable and caring. And, I have experienced great results. Mike and the staff at Schaack Physical Therapy are dedicated to providing the very best of care. - Sally B.

At Schaack's this summer for two months I received physical therapy twice weekly. I have just completed my treatments after what I consider the best care possible. After my first appointment with therapist, Matthew Paul, assisted by Tiffany Tullgren, I was very pleased to have them as caregivers. They and their clean, nice surroundings impressed me enough to look forward to my treatments. Matt, a very pleasant young man, conducted my knee replacement therapy sessions professionally and with obvious concern for my comfort and progress. His treatments and exercises have brought me to goals set by my orthopedist, who is now as pleased as I am. I will be ever grateful for my excellent care at Schaack Physical Therapy!

6 yrs ago I had a shoulder replacement. When my surgeon asked me if I had a choice for a therapist, I told him I had heard that degree of recovery is based 75% on the capability of the therapist and 25% on the surgeon. Therefore, I wanted the best. My surgeon, knowing that I lived in Lincoln, replied that I was most fortunate because the best, Mike Schaack, practiced in Lincoln less than a mile from my house. Never have I made a better decision regarding my health. Not only does he have manual expertise, his approach motivates patients to do the exercises at home as well. In the past six years I have referred many men and women to Mike. All have thanked me. - Rich H.

I just wanted to express my gratitude to the staff my experience was phenomenal. I will be looking forward to my appointments in the future thanks so much. - Melody R.

Through expert hands on therapy and direction of other staff, I was able to regain function of my right shoulder. The entire process was smooth and efficient. Compared to other local physical therapy providers, this organization rates five stars. I would highly recommend them to anyone. - Chuck G.

I have been a patient at Schaack Physical Therapy several times for different injuries. Each time I have finished treatment pain free! I would highly recommend Schaack Physical Therapy to anyone looking to become pain free from an injury, a chronic issue or rehabilitation after surgery. - Linda W.

You've got to be the best! After two years of struggle, because of Dr. Schaack I'm finally getting better after my car accident. - Cynthia C.

All of the staff at Schaack Physical Therapy are professional and friendly. I recovered a lot more use of my left shoulder than I ever thought possible. Most of my time was spent with Natalie and Cory. They were both concerned about my physical comfort and the progress I was making. I highly recommend Schaack and recognize that my recovery would not be possible without them. - Stanley C.

I would absolutely recommend this to everyone. Every person who works here is caring and compassionate. They only want the best for you and will do what they can to make you feel better. I am going to miss coming here. Thank you to everyone for everything you have done for me! Love you all!! - Allison W.

There are several things I'd like to say. My therapist did not overwhelm me with exercises. We started with six and then added a couple each time I went to work with her. Also she was able to detect the smallest movement of a muscle that helped me do the exercises correctly and recover soon. She was right on in addressing my problem with everything she did. - Uvieja L.

Both Schaack Physical Therapy sites are first class. They are modern, clean, and well-equipped. The support staff is excellent-always friendly, courteous, efficient and knowledgeable. I am an older guy (in my 70's) and have had a variety of broken bones, muscle tears, sprains etc. I have undergone numerous sessions of physical therapy elsewhere, however I am here to tell you their therapist Marti Smith is "the only one" who treated me where I actually had significant improvement in my condition. If you are injured or suffering from chronic ailments, I believe they will make it better, I don't think you will find better therapists in Northern California. - Jack R.

I found the entire time I was a patient it was a positive experience. The staff is competent, friendly and extremely helpful. They work well together as a smooth operation. I feel like family and will miss my treatments. I am feeling much better today because of their care. - Beverly G.